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Our staff is composed of a panel of former Social Security Disability examiners who worked for the Social Security Administration on the inside.  The knowledge we have gained is being used to enable the Social Security Administration to release disability benefits to deserving individuals of all ages.
This gives Social Security Disability Advocates of America the edge when dealing with complex disability  matters. 
We provide representation services at any level of the filing process. 
So it doesn't matter if you are filing for:
* The First Time 
* On Appeal or
* Having to go before an Administrative Law Judge, Appeals Council or Federal Court.  

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Our staff

With more than 40 years of combined experience in Social Security Disability law, Social Security Disability Advocates of Ameica, LLC provides award-winning service to our clients. Our team of expert Social Security Disability law specialists will research, and bring about the most effective opportunities ensuring our clients the successful outcome they deserve.

We boast a stellar winning record in the high 90th percentile and are recognized as one of the nations leading advocacy organizatrions.  We are determined to work hard to earn our clients loyalty every day.