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What Does Social Security Disability Representation Cost? 
The Social Security Administration determines the fee that any representative can charge for Social Security Disability Insurance representation. 

Currently, under the Social Security Administration's fee agreement approval process, it is 25 percent of the retroactive dollar amount awarded, not to exceed $6,000 (as of June 22, 2009*). 

Example: If you are awarded a $1,000 monthly benefit and the award is retroactive 12 months ($12,000), your fee would be $3,000 (.25 x $12,000). You would keep the other $9,000 of your retroactive award. All of your monthly benefits ($1,000) are yours to keep going forward.

Example: If your claim takes 42 months to get your $1,000 monthly benefit, your representation fee would be capped at $6,000 on the $42,000 retroactive award rather than $10,500 (.25 x $42,000).

At Social Security Disability Advocates of America, you only pay a fee if you receive your SSDI award, and there are no additional costs associated with your SSDI claim. We do not charge for expenses such as travel or for collecting medical records as other representatives might. 
If you have private long-term disability (LTD) coverage, you should know that many employers and LTD insurance carriers pay their claimants SSDI representation fees. Please check with your employer or LTD insurance carrier for details.

Keep in mind that the faster you can get through the SSDI process, the sooner you get regular income. Customers who use Social Security Disability Advocates of America usually get their award faster. That’s to your advantage.

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